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installing Spotify on your computer

If you have an antivirus installed onto your computer, sometimes this can prevent you from downloading Spotify to your windows PC

Instructions to download and install Spotify on your computer

First, you need to download Spotify to your computer, then double-click the installation file to install Spotify.

Spotify Spotify for Mac

Spotify installation file

The Spotify installation process is completely automatic, very quick, so you just need to wait a bit to complete.

Spotify Settings

How to create a Spotify account on the application interface

After installing Spotify successfully, the application will launch automatically. If you already have a Spotify account, click the Log In button to log in, if you don't have one, click Sing Up Free to sign up for a free Spotify account.

Subscribe to Spotify

There will be 2 ways to create a Spotify account:

  • Facebook: Clicking the "Sign up with Facebook" option right above will allow you to link Facebook user information to make an account for Spotify.
  • Personal email: Just fill in the necessary information in turn in the form such as: Email, password, common name, date of birth, gender. Then click Join Spotify.

There are 2 types of accounts: Free (free) and Premium (premium). Premium accounts will have to pay about 59,000 VND per month to maintain, but receive much more benefits than using free.

Sign up for a Spotify account

At this point, Windows Security Alert will ask to grant access to Spotify, just click Allow Access .

Permissions for Spotify

Now you are free to listen to music online, freely choose music genres, search for your favorite songs right on the main Spotify interface.

Spotify interface

Instructions for registering a Spotify account on the web

In addition to how to sign up for a Spotify account right on the app, you can also register on Spotify 's web .

Subscribe to Spotify on the Web

There are also 2 ways to register for a Spotify account via Facebook or email address. The implementation is similar to the application, very simple, fast and convenient.

Sign up for a Spotify account on the Web

Now you can enjoy the song while humming along to the music. You can also sort songs by genre or artist.

Spotify interface on the Web

Just need a Spotify account, can listen to music online on any device, helping users discover more wonderful music.

Wishing you success!

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