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Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK 9.6.10 for Android

Updated on February 2, 2023
Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Arcade
Version 9.6.10
Size 114Mb
Price Free
Requires Android 5+
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlock All
Link Download Mediafire

Enter the underwater world with Hungry Shark Evolution. Control your hungry shark and eat everything in its path. It is really a mysterious and interesting trip under the sea, and you can even meet ancient creatures. The great ocean will have no room for weakness and goodness. If you can't help your back to do enough exams, it will have passion and die. At this time, your game is getting the failure of failure.

Table of Contents
Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk

The oldest picture, modern language

Use a good time to make the hungry - a flat game, you will be like putting it in large 3d pictures in these movies.

The hungry shark’s journey will go from the depths of the sea to the upper layers of the sea and will even destroy ships above the sea. It is also provided with a rocket set to sweep across the vast universe on some special levels. Ruins, deep pools or beautiful corals will make the situation more realistic. In addition to ordinary animals, you can also meet ancient creatures such as the Great White or the Megalodon. Although it is very difficult, you have to fight them to continue the journey.

Collect gems and coins to activate new and faster characters

After completing the twists and turns of his destructive journey, the shark will receive rewards, coins and gems. Collect and use these treasures to buy sharks and fun new accessories. You can create your own creations with your shark by using the attractive costumes of the store. To be different from the sea.

Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline Survival Game

In addition, you can buy many baby sharks to support your destruction. You can use coins or use special events from the provider. Even though they are baby sharks, don't underestimate their power. Not only in strength, they also make the game beautiful. Collect a group of sharks of all kinds, your sea sweep will be beautiful, and you will be the terror of the sea.


Hungry Shark Evolution - designed for offline survival. No need wifi can still play. However, when there is wifi, you can do some more tasks and watch ads to get more coins and gems. Your job is to move the money shark forward, eat everything you see on the road, sometimes you even have to attack the fishermen’s boats. It's not really good. However, it's just a game, so don't worry. You can use the controls directly on the touch screen or select zoom mode by extending the phone. In the intelligent tilt mode, which will give you a sense of logic, sometimes you turn directly in the direction of the shark's movement. Definitely worth the experience. However, to play in this mode, you must have a sitting position and limit lying down. Your phone must be fully supported. Take notes please. Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline Survival Game


Create a school full of sharks by collecting lots of baby sharks. They will clean up the food around you that you are missing out on. Your browsing speed will be faster and cleaner. However, you have to spend a large amount of gems to get them. Eat, eat, eat. Make your sharks grow by giving them plenty of food. This is the only way to help your shark grow faster. The bigger it gets, the more it eats, even the creatures you can't touch in the first level, but they will be destroyed when the shark gets bigger. Of course, raising sharks also requires money.

Save coins and gems to collect Megalodon for yourself. It is an amazing creature in the sea. With it in your hands, you will become a threat to everything around you. However, if you can't unlock it, take advantage of the power-ups in the store to upgrade other sharks so they don't become too much of a hindrance in the hunting process.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK for Android

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Available Versions of Hungry Shark Evolution

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