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How to listen to Spotify music on Spotify PC

To download Spotify on your computer, you download Spotify's installer for your PC and then install it directly. Free Spotify PC and Spotify PC

 Listening to Spotify music on computer is just one feature of Spotify that gives flexibility and allows users with just one device access to listen to their favorite music . What you need to listen to Spotify music on your computer are the applications installed on the computer. Always remember that by installing Spotify as a standalone application, users will get much better user experience and sound quality compared to web based websites. Thus listening to music through Spotify on PC gives a new and wonderful experience to the users.

Part 1: Best Tips Spotify pc download

For PC download purposes, you should have the requirements to keep in mind. Always remember that Spotify takes a lot of your hard disk space for storage or better known as cache purposes. About 5 GB of hard disk space is to be consumed for the same. Almost 50 GB of disk space is required for the better feel of your favorite music service on your computer. Even if Spotify is lean and has great features to respond quickly to your requests, the app still needs plenty of cache to process your requests in the fastest time possible. The machine also needs a good RAM and at least 2 GB of RAM is needed for sure. The official specifications required for Spotify purposes can be summarized as A PC running Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and a broadband Internet connection.

To download Spotify on your computer, you download Spotify's installer for your PC and then install it directly.

Free Spotify PC and Spotify PC premium

As the most popular service in the music genre, Spotify requires massive digital installations all over the world. With Spotify available in Free and Premium Edition, there are some key differences between the two.

Spotify free pc

With free Spotify, there are some limitations with the bundle. Limitations in the form of ads are the most important when it comes to the free version of Spotify. With the free version of Spotify, the constant interruption if the form of advertising, which keeps on appearing just wants to advertise on television is one of the most annoying things for listening to music. With the free version of Spotify, the sound quality of 160 kbps for desktop comes, which can be considered as standard tone quality.

Spotify premium computer

When we talk about Spotify premium calculator, the full features of Spotify can be availed easily. With the premium Spotify account for PC, the highest sound quality of 320 kbps can be easily availed by users and the frustrating ads are also ridden out. Removal of ads allows the user to listen to music without any interruption. Another advantage associated with Spotify Premium PC is the facility provided to the users to listen to music offline. However, Spotify Premium offers several other advantages in the form of allowing listeners to listen to music from anywhere in the world and offline mode too. With the use of any Spotify interface, the facility can be availed. You can also find and listen to playlists, share music and playlists, discover new music,

Part 2:How to download Spotify music on computer

Downloading Spotify on a computer is the same as downloading any other desktop application. Loading can be done from the official Spotify website. However, high storage is required for the purposes of Spotify's download, requiring a cache of at least 5 GB and for better performance, at least 50 GB of hard disk.

The steps to download can be followed as below:

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

Just visit Spotify Home

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

Click the button that clearly mentions 'Get Spotify'

As soon as you do that, you will be redirected to a download page

The download starts automatically and when it has finished downloading, a login box will appear on your screen.

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

You should see an option in the login box saying not a user? Register
Click on the 'Register' option
As soon as you click on the option mentioned above, a new window opens, allowing you to register using a Facebook account. This will allow your Facebook friends to see what you're listening to on Spotify

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

In case you want to register with Facebook, fill in your information in the box provided
Click on 'Sign Up'.

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

If you choose 'create an account using your e-mail address', a new window will open which will allow registration via email address. For this purpose just add your personal information in the box provided

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

Then select the desired version of your product free edition or premium version. It is a trial version that allows to use premium features for the first 30 days without paying any amount.

Listen Spotify music on Spotify PC

Press the orange button that says download.

A Spotify icon will appear on your desktop and you have successfully made an account.

Once you have completed either set of account information, click the "Continue" button.

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